Blue Vinyl Screening - April 13, 7pm

Eastside Education Center-

2401 Scott Blvd SE


Please join Friends of Historic Preservation and the City of Iowa City for a screening of Blue Vinyl, a 2002 documentary film by Judith Helfand and Daniel Gold. In a lighthearted tone, the film follows one woman's quest to find nontoxic, environmentally sound siding for her parents Long Island home, while investigating the negative health effects of polyvinyl chloride production and the unrecyclable nature of vinyl.


Did you know that vinyl siding is deadly to older homes? It traps moisture from escaping the home. Older homes were meant to breathe through their plaster walls and clapboard siding.  Blocking that moisture from escaping rots your house from the outside in. Find out more at

2401 Scott Blvd

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