Salvage Director

Friends of Historic Preservation (FHP) is a non-profit organization based in Iowa City, Iowa. We are currently hiring a full-time Salvage Director for one of FHP's operations, the Salvage Barn, an architectural salvage warehouse. The purpose and goal of FHP is to advocate for older homes and neighborhoods, thereby supporting community infrastructure and services, the ability of home owners to maintain their older homes, and greener, more sustainable living.

The Salvage Director's duties include: sales associate duties at the Salvage Barn, locating salvage opportunities, coordinating volunteers for salvages, and organizing and maintaining the Tool Lending Library housed at the Salvage Barn. The individual must be willing to work Tuesdays through Saturdays 9am to 5pm.


Duties of the Salvage Director include:

• Locating salvage opportunities

• Communicating and scheduling salvages with property owners and contractors.

• Assessing potential salvages for feasibility and profitability.

• Creating a checklist and plan of action for each salvage.

• Implementing efficient systems of operation to lower time spent on each salvage.

• Recruitment and coordination of volunteers for salvages.

• Distributing and filing volunteer liability forms.

• Inventorying and maintaining salvage tools.

• Salvage, de-nail, bundle, measure, and price incoming product.

• Providing and arranging for transportation of salvaged materials to the Salvage Barn.

• Completing donation invoices.

• Providing safety equipment and safety training for other employees and volunteers.

• Inventorying and ordering consumable items (masks, gloves, safety glasses, earplugs, saw blades, bundle wrap, etc.).

• Achieving safety certifications. (lead paint, etc.)

• Organizing and performing deliveries and pick-ups.

• Maintaining Salvage Barn vehicle.

• Maintaining tool library and providing recommendations for tool purchases.

• Providing tool training and assistance to Salvage Barn staff and customers.

• Teaching and assisting at DIY Workshops.

• Providing technical consultation to the community and staff at the Salvage Barn.

• Completing sales associate duties at the Salvage Barn.

•Maintaining and organizing items on the Salvage Barn floor so that they are easily accessible to customers.

•Keeping the Salve Barn clean. safe, and presentable for customers.

• Submitting salvage report to executive director before each monthly board meeting.

• Meeting weekly with Salvage Barn Team.

Job Requirements

• Demonstrated ability of being a self-starter

• Valid driver's license

• Demonstrated familiarly with tools and building materials

• Willingness to learn a point of sale system

• Strong organizational skill, accurate record keeping

• Ability to lift up to 60 pounds, squat, bent and stand for extended periods of time


This is an excellent job for someone hoping to develop their skills in the architectural salvage or sustainable building materials field. The job offers a fun creative environment, paid holidays (when the Salvage Barn is closed), paid sick leave, vacation after one year, and the peace of mind you are working for a nonprofit organization that helps the community and environment. The salary is $24,000 a year.

Candidates, please email resume and cover letter to Alicia Trimble at list




2401 Scott Blvd

Iowa City, IA 52240


February Hours

Fri - Sat 9-5

 Hours may change weekly until March 2nd.