Most of the inventory at the Salvage Barn is carefully deconstructed by a small team of staff and volunteers from buildings slated for demolition. We use these salvage operations as empowering experiential learning opportunities: by getting their hands dirty, crew members gain new tool skills, see first-hand how houses are built, and understand the value in keeping quality materials out of the landfill. Salvaging is also crucial to keeping the warehouse stocked and our small organization running.


You can help the Salvage Barn and Friends of Historic Preservation by granting our crew permission to salvage soon-to-be demolished or renovated properties that are at least 50 years old. Not only will this ensure that the operational and programming expenses of our nonprofit are met, but it will also benefit you in several ways:

   •   Salvaging reusable materials lightens your load to

        the landfill, resulting in reduced fees.

   •   Donating deconstructed materials to the Salvage

        Barn makes you eligible for tax deductions.


To use the Salvage Barn's deconstruction services, simply contact us about upcoming demolition or renovation projects. Our Salvage Director, will work with you to develop a plan and timeline, and upon completion of the salvage operation, will present a tax receipt for your donation.


If you have any leads on houses that will be razed soon, please let us know! Call 319-351-1875 or email


2401 Scott Blvd

Iowa City, IA 52240


February Hours

Fri - Sat 9-5

 Hours may change weekly until March 2nd.